The Elijah Tupling Fun Run

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The Elijah Tupling Fun run is an annual event that takes place in a small town of Stayner, Ontario, Canada.  Stayner, a town of 4,100 is a small rural town approximately 130 kms north of Toronto. The town consists of a small elementary school and high school, a library and a hockey arena. 

Why is this run so special? 

The Elijah Tupling Fun run was created in 2012 as a memorial run for Elijah Tupling. At the time of his passing Elijah was a teacher who was an advocate for special needs and underprivileged students.  As a brother he modelled patience, determination and open mindedness when teaching and working with students. Prior to studying to become a teacher Elijah worked with disadvantaged youth in Boston and Cardiff. His passing was very painful for my family and I and after a few years we decided we would like to turn the pain into something positive.

The Elijah Tupling Fun Run was created in 2012 and has been an annual event, celebrating the 6th annual event on Saturday October 21. The Fun Run consists of a 3, 5 and 10 km walk/run and encourages all abilities to participate. In addition, the run ends with a bbq, band and face painting. It is a community event for the whole family. 

It gives back to the community

All proceeds go directly back to the community. Each year the run provides 2 scholarships for students from the high school who are entering college or university in education. My brother, my sister and I attended this high school. In addition my Mom was special needs teacher at the same high school.  The proceeds have also helped the local food bank, the minor hockey league to help pay for hockey fees and the youth centre.

The local MC 

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Joe is a former student of my Mom’s who attends yearly and gives the opening speech. His enthusiasm and level of interest is contagious and he is a positive person to be around.

The Family Involvement

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The run is a 3, 5 or 10 km walk/run where family members can come and participate together. Adults walk or run while children ride bicycles, ride in strollers or walk. All ages are welcome, while the oldest participant was 83 years old while the youngest was 3 weeks old!

The International aspect 

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Elijah’s journeys led him to many places in the world where his passion to help instantly made connections. In addition to his travels to Boston and Cardiff, he taught English in Japan and Taiwan. His last overseas adventure in Taiwan led to many friendships and while the run takes place yearly in Ontario a friend of his led the same one in Taipei in 2012.

The People


Each year approximately over 100 people participate. Friends and family travel from around Ontario and Canada to attend the run and to connect after. It is always a great way to connect with people who care about the memory of Elijah. 

From my family to yours, thank you for everyone who has supported the Fun Run and we look forward to your continued support next year for the 7th annual event!


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