My name is Rebecca Tupling and I am a passionate PYP teacher. In my 12 years of teaching I have taught the wonderful, inquisitive age of Early Years and have recently transitioned to Grade 4. I am enjoying this challenge as it broadens my knowledge and experience on how the PYP curriculum evolves throughout the grade levels.

I am a life long learner and have recently graduated with my masters in International Education Admin. In addition, I am a proud member of IBEN and lead workshops and school visits. This is some of the best professional development I have ever experienced as through the connections I make I am able to continuously learn and grow as an educator. I also lead workshops as an independent consultant in Hong Kong and Cambodia.

I am passionate about education and take action through two charity projects I have created myself. I organise and lead a race in my brother’s name (the Elijah Tupling Fun Run) where the proceeds go directly to the youth centre of the community. In addition, I regularly help out a school in Mwanza, Tanzania through donations of books, resources and financial aid. This aid comes directly from the independent consultant workshops and generous educators who also believe that through education opportunities arise.

I am an avid community member within schools and coach golf, yoga and cross country, in addition lead the Bronze AYP (Duke of Edinburgh) program. I strongly believe that building relationships with members across schools strengthens a school culture and enables a healthy learning environment for all. As a role model for healthy and well-balanced living I lead by example.

I have been inspired to start this blog by many other incredible educators. I am honoured to have such a motivating PLN and truly believe each and every educator I follow on twitter, and through blog posts are my mentors. I learn so much from each and every one of you that I hope in some small way this blog  will be as inspiring for others.

Keep learning,